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The Male Fashionist Agenda
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The Male Fashionist
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the place where guys (and some girls) can discuss fashion/gagets/accesories/hair that is more testosterone influenced.


#1: The internet is serious business.

#2: All posts are under the watchful eye of your MOD and can be subject to deleation.

#3: Picutres must all work, don't post them if they don't.

#4: Apropriate topics:

-personal designs
-fashion info/articles
-shopping lists
-man bag checks
-personal wardrobe
-hair cuts
-professional models/designers
-outfit ideas
-makeup and grooming advice

#5: any post that is pff these above topics, will be deleated.

#6: Women are welcom, but only to appriciate male fashion. no girls allowed, or posts will be deleated.

#7: Critiques are good, and inevitable. (don't cross the3 line with personal attacks.) So if you can't take critisim well, don't post just attend to lurking.

#8: Posts Should be friends only, but some open ones are ok.

#9: USE LJ-CUT OR GET CUT!!!! big pic posts are annoying when they are not put under cut. don't knwo how to use LJ-cut? go to the FAQ.

#10: lastly, just don't act too crazy and enjoy male fashion. make it fun.

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